Formed in 1998 by a group of concerned friends, St Joseph’s Outreach Services (SJOS) is committed to providing transitional housing support services to those in need regardless of race or creed and to provide outreach services that work towards relieving the effects on poverty in our community.


The services provided by SJOS are delivered through a dedicated team of volunteers from all walks of life and from various communities. With a common goal to provide SHELTER, OPPORTUNITY and SUPPORT, there is always a need for more volunteers. Whether an hour a week, a month or a year, every hour of assistance from a volunteer supports the outreach services.


to those in need

Support Calls

to those in need


to those in need

By the community,
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All our services are managed by generous people who volunteer their time and skills to help the disadvantaged in the community. To support the services provided, we rely heavily on financial donations via fundraising events and private philanthropists, as well as corporate and trust donations. SJOS is closely linked to the Parish of South Yarra, working together to provide these support services to the community.

St Joseph’s Outreach Services provides transitional housing units and a crisis shelter to the homeless, as well as a Food Store and a 24 hour Bread Bank to the disadvantaged in the community